Caught by the River – Adam Scovell introduces his new film ‘Weather Words’ – a collaboration with Colin Riley, Robert Macfarlane and Rosalind Jana, with a further article for Celluloid Wicker Man.

Weather Words – film by Adam Scovell

Warp in the Rain – film by Kristijonas Dirse in response to ‘Warp In The Rain’ (words by Nick Papadimitriou) from the album ‘In Place’.

Resonance fm, 29th May,  2018 Clear Spot 8pm

In Place 3: Solid Breakfasts and Gloomy Sundays, Smoky Towns and Winding Roads, Green Fields and Red Pillar-Boxes.

In the final of three programmes, Colin explores the idea of a homeland; how we view our culture, our traditions, and our sense of being British. Dipping between a kaleidoscope of musical sounds, including tracks from ‘In Place’ he discusses this theme in conversation with Selina Nwulu, who recently completed her Young Poet Laureate for London tenure, and Poet in Residence for BBC Radio 4 and 4Extra, Daljit Nagra.


That’s Entertainment (from the album Sound Affects, 1980) – The Jam

Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenga (from the film Sholay, 1975)

Jaan Jalebi (from the album In Place, 2018) – Colin Riley

LDN (2006) – Lily Allen

This Town (2015) – The Skints ft. Tippa Irie and Horseman

Half Written Love Letter (from the album In Place, 2018) – Colin Riley

Let England Shake (from the album Let England Shake, 2011) – P J Harvey

Resonance fm, 30th April 2018 Clear Spot 8pm

In Place 2: Grafted Landscapes

In the second of three programmes Colin Riley explores the layers of history in our urban and edgeland environments, plundering tracks from city and suburbia alongside his own new songs from ‘In Place’. Colin also takes a walk with deep topographer Nick Papadimitriou across the mysterious edgelands of West London and traces the first landscape seen at speed, Liverpool-to-Manchester, with poet Paul Farley.

Playlist: Warp In The Rain (from In Place, 2018) – Colin Riley

The Night Slips Us Smiling Underneath It’s Dress (from Edgeland, 2013)-Karl Hyde

Signs (from Prospect of Skelmersdale, 2016)–The Magnetic North

Fever Van (from Ealing Feeder, 2017)–Sarah Angliss

Moss (from In Place, 2018) –Colin Riley

Lost Engines (from In Place, 2018) –Colin Riley

Resonance fm, 26th March 2018 Clear Spot 8pm

In Place 1: It Does Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, But Be Itself

Colin Riley’s latest album In Place explores how places make us feel, and how in turn we are able to speak back to them through our words and music. In the first of three programmes he focuses on how the natural world had provided us with a place for inspiration, contemplation, solace and escape. As well as his own music he plays pieces from artists for whom nature and landscape is a central source of inspiration. He also discusses this theme in conversation with Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane (collaborators on the recent best-selling book ‘The Lost Words’) and with the writer of ‘The Fish Ladder’ Katharine Norbury who is editing of a new anthology of women’s writing on landscape, Women on Nature (Unbound).

Playlist: Fallswater (from Everyone was a Bird, 2015)- Grasscut

Beneath, Above, Along (from In Place, 2018)-Colin Riley

All The Land Ablaze (from Beneath Swooping Talons 2015) –Laura Cannell

Deep Forest (from In Place, 2018) –Colin Riley

The Lark (from The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly, 2005) –Kate Rusby

Into Leaf (from In The Gloom of Whiteness, 2003) –Colin Riley

Unfamiliar Wind (from Ambient 4 On Land, 1982)–Brian Eno

Weather Words (from In Place, 2018) –Colin Riley

Water Over Stone (from In Place, 2018) –Colin Riley

The Sheep and the Pen
Taking Place
Waking Into The Piece
Maybe I’ve Aways Been A Psychogeographer
Falling Into Place
Over The Hills and Far Away
Following The Footsteps

A short film (by Sophie Dixon) examining the source of this project was shown at the ‘Language, Landscape and the Sublime Symposium’ at Dartington Hall and Sharpham House, Devon, England June 28/29 2016.

Language, Lanscape and the Sublime 2016

Rewilding the Landscape

A short series with Resonance fm, will be coming in the Autumn and the In Place album will be released in 2018.