This project has come about through the collision of several strands: a) the word-hoard of Robert Macfarlane’s book ‘Landmarks’ (2015), a glossary of lost words which invite closer observation of the landscapes around us; b) an interest in making use of regional dialect, something largely ignored by composers to-date; c) the merging of field recording with scored music to find a place of coexistence (sounds from the natural world, urban environments and personal conversations); d) the collage of disparate texts (scientific explanations, poetry extracts, folksongs, place-names, Anglo Saxon riddles, and metrological data); e) an interest in psychogeography and walking through unusual terrain; f) the extension of the song-form.

A short film (by Sophie Dixon) examining the source of this project was shown at the ‘Language, Landscape and the Sublime Symposium’ at Dartington Hall and Sharpham House, Devon, England June 28/29 2016.

Language, Lanscape and the Sublime 2016

Rewilding the Landscape

A short series with Resonance fm, will be coming in the Autumn and the In Place album will be released in 2018.